Participate Institutional Partners

Mission Success: The success of the Foundation depends on a number of critical factors. Everyone involved shall have proper understanding of this unique, emerging and proven method, with adequate information of its potential and limitations.

To set up a new 'We Serve' chapter, each chapter requires a critical number of constituents / members / villages / population - whether in rural or urban areas (based on the terrain and core competence) for long term success and sustainability. Volumes of scale make it easier to provide some of the basic facilities - such as setting up one or more nodal broadband access centers, each with a satellite dish antenna and several terminals for internet access. Each such nodal center is located within easy access for majority of the constituents from walkable / accessible locations. Similarly, health clinics can be set up within easy access of several of the beneficiaries - perhaps four to six such medical centers in each 'We Serve' chapter that caters to 40,000 to 100,000 people in and around that area.

Organizations formed to help people with any disability / limitations do not have to be in one geographic location. Their members may be spread out all over the country. For example, the members of 'Disabled Veterans Group' shall enroll with the Foundation as Beneficiary Members - from every state. They may sign up for online Tele-Ed courses, vocational training or skill development programs, as they see fit. They shall have access to the various Individual Volunteers and Institutional Partners to get required training / support / help / guidance, etc. to become employable.

Stake-holders in Rural economic progress

  • The rural villages and their citizens whoare enrolled as the 'Beneficiary / Direct Member'
  • The individuals who volunteer their time and efforts for this mission
  • Rural Development institutions
    • Rural Employment generation programs
    • Rural education and skill development projects
    • Rural economic progress projects
  • Government sectors - for G2G, G2C, G2E domains
    • Federal, State and local government bodies
    • Ministries / Departments at various levels
    • Local appointed / elected bodies / courts / departments / etc.
  • Public & Private sectors, SME for B2B, E2E domains
    • Public service / utility bodies
  • Educational institutions
    • Universities, colleges, county school systems,
    • Technical institutes, community colleges, etc.
    • Distance tuition & learning (Math, Science, Literature, Arts, Music, Dance, etc.).
    • Corporations train staff & distributors (new product/equipment/technology, etc.)
    • Online self-help courses, (Home-remodeling/Gardening/Aquaculture/Floriculture, etc.)
  • Financial institutions
    • Banks, investment / Insurance / Real estate / Accounting firms / Tax consultants
    • Commercial financing institutions / Commodity Traders
  • Healthcare institutions
    • Hospitals - metro and rural, clinics, diagnostic centers, labs, physio-therapy, etc.
    • Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists, various healthcare providers, etc.
  • Corporate, business and industrial sectors, Entrepreneurs
    • Businesses - small, medium and large
    • Retail and wholesale, Distributors, Consolidators, Importers, Exporters, etc.
    • Warehousing, Packing, Transportation, Export facilitators, etc.
    • Mass transit, Land developers, Hospitality industry, Tourism, etc.
  • Judicial institutionsfor justice delivery system and e-judiciary initiatives
    • Federal, State, (administrative, civil and criminal, etc.) courts and related institutions

What Can Institutions do?

  1. Pertinent Projects: For example, water conservation and management efforts to cover the constituents of the any of the Beneficiary / Direct Member can be designed, based on study of the existing water resources, to maximize the use, conservation, protection, purification, etc. with indigenous facilities or update them as required, by imparting modern technology / innovative methods.
  2. Distance Learning: A University / Technical College offers courses online to the enrollees at various Internet Access Centers using Electronic Connectivity at the nodal centers to bring in Knowledge Connectivity. The courses on relevant subjects offer diploma, certification or credit hours. The details and any applicable fees shall be listed in the respective Institutional Partner's and Foundation website along with a link to the main website of the educational institute. The enrollees decide what they want to learn and structure their program accordingly, using the Tele-Ed.
  3. Preventive Measures: Charitable institutes interact with the Beneficiary organizations to design / develop / deploy specific healthcare programs they focus on. For example, to address eradication of cervical cancer, the entity works with the Beneficiary organizations to educate the rural citizens about the illness, early detection, prevention using vaccination at a certain age, etc. The Beneficiary organizations will coordinate the local efforts to ensure maximum benefit to its constituents.
  4. Employment Generation: Industries / businesses / corporations provide skill development, vocational training and similar measures online, to facilitate rural employment opportunities. They may decide to set up their back-office, branch, manufacturing or subsidiary in the subsidiary in the rural / urban settings with high unemployment after the skill development courses enable recruitment.
  5. Limitless Possibilities: The ways in which institutions participate in this mission is limited only by one's imagination. There are innumerable avenues to provide help, mentoring, support, sponsorship and guidance to every Beneficiary on a limited or ongoing basis for them to become self-sufficient. The vibrant emergence of such clusters will expand the customer base helping eradicate poverty.
  6. Staff Involvement: Institutions encourage their own staff to devote an hour or two in individual capacity to promote rural education, healthcare, sanitation, etc. using Tele-Conference, Tele-Ed, Tele-Medcapabilities.

Funding the projects ?

  1. Sponsorships and Generosity: 'For-profit' institutions who offer their help / support free of cost are very much appreciated for their generosity.
  2. Subsidized Rates: Each For-profit entity shall offer their products / services / support at a substantially subsidized rate so that the Beneficiary recipients can afford them. The institutions may contact willing sponsors to fund and under-write several projects in empowering the 3 Billion rural citizens of the world.
  3. Rural Development Allotments: Projects such as roads to link the villages in the rural cluster, building nodal centers, schools, rural hospitals, clinics, business centers, market place, parks, etc. require funding and financial resources. The Beneficiary / Direct officers will contact appropriate government entities and seek adequate funding for rural development projects. They may also seek suitable grants and donations from generous minded entities.

The Foundation provides the forum: The Foundation brings together the Beneficiary / Direct Members with the individual volunteers and institutional partners located in various countries. Respective officials and constituents of the Beneficizry Member shall interact with the willing parties to take up the project. The Foundation does not charge any fees or act as a paid agent and does not seek any monetary rewards. Our mission is to help the deserving citizens of this world become empowered and attain self sufficiency in a number of areas.

Brief for web page publication Kindly provide a brief write-up for publishing in the Foundation website and the contact details of the designated person(s) for such missions within your organization. This allows Beneficiary Members and their constituents to contact the appropriate Institution via email / chat, etc.

Foundation Sponsors:

The 'i-Grandee Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.', the 'Enriched Cloud Computing, LLC' and the 'Resources International, Inc.' the three founding sponsors of the Foundation shoulder significant responsibilities in setting up, maintaining and ensuring smooth functioning of the entire Foundation as well as the website. They shall work with any willing individual and interested entities and ensure the effective design, development and deployment of rural / urban development projects in various parts of the world in various parts of the world, using modern technology to benefit the common man, in the most cost-effective manner giving the best ROI for all stake-holders.


  1. On behalf of my institution / organization / business / company, I am authorized to represent and submit this registration form to the International 'We Serve' Foundation as an Institutional Partner.
  2. We have reviewed the Vision, Mission statements and the 'Terms and Conditions' described in this International 'We Serve' Foundation [aka: IWS] website and shall review these periodically and any future modifications.
  3. We fully understand that the Foundation is a charitable and non-profit organization and shall conform to strict code of conduct to get approval and maintain tax-exempt status under US Federal Regulations for 501 (c) 3 chapter as well as any similar international regulatory bodies.
  4. We assure the Foundation Board that we will not misuse this partnering opportunity for any undue personal, monetary gain and agree to submit all related data for review for proper accounting and transparency, if needed.
  5. If we solicit any donations for Foundation and Beneficiary related volunteer work, receive any compensation for out-of-pocket expenses, or obtain any grant, etc. we shall declare these to the Foundation Board and ensure full compliance with and will be responsible to remit due taxes and file needed disclosure forms.
  6. We shall not engage in any fund raising activities on behalf of the Foundation without the approval of the Officers / Board of Foundation. All such funds shall be directly remitted to Foundation and not received in my personal name or account. The use of such funds received by Foundation shall be at its own discretion and we shall not interfere with these matters.
  7. We shall protect the confidentiality, privacy and security of the data I come across, people we work with and institutions we interact with during the course of this mission.
  8. If we are subject to any civil or federal offenses or penalties and are not able to maintain our professional qualifications that enable our participation, we shall inform the Foundation and voluntarily withdraw our name.
  9. Any violation of these principles shall be cause for summary dismissal from further participation in this noble cause. We fully understand and agree that the decision of the Foundation Board shall be final in all such matters.
  10. We willingly participate / volunteer in this noble Mission and by sending in the online registration form, we signify that we have reviewed and agree to these stipulations and conditions. The registration information and related documents we provide are true and accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief. We are aware that any falsification is subject to summary dismissal and disbarment from the Partnership program.
  11. On behalf of my Institution, as its authorized representative, I submit online the enclosed Partnership Application Form of our own free will, to help the Foundation with its mission to empower the billions of rural and urban disadvantaged citizens of the world.



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