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Thank you: Welcome abroad. This Foundation website shall serve as a common forum for the Beneficiary organizations and their constituents everywhere, to share their common goal in alleviating poverty and evolving happy, prosperous and peaceful societies.

Role of the Foundation: The Foundation volunteers (individuals) and partner institutions shall help with matters relevant and important to the Beneficiary Members and their constituents. Having knowledgeable experts in various fields and living in several countries willing to help / support / teach / guide them provides the recipients comfort and confidence to take charge of their own destiny.

Individual Volunteers: Individuals (including, but not limited to: Teachers, Artists, Leaders, CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, Officers, Technicians, Engineers, Lawyers, Accountants, Professors, Deans, Faculty, Doctors, Dentists, Healthcare professionals, Nutritionists, Environmental scientists, IT / Biotech experts, etc.) shall register as 'Individual Volunteer'. They shall interact with the Beneficiary / Direct Members and their respective constituents to share / teach / mentor / guide, etc. via online web portal, email, tele-conferencing and Tele-Education facilities.

Tele-Volunteering Disclaimers
  • The International 'We Serve' Foundation [aka: the 'Foundation'] sincerely hopes the support / mentoring / help / suggestions / recommendations, etc., made possible by the participation of a number of charity minded individual volunteers, philanthropic organizations, institutes, entities, etc. will prove quite useful to the recipients and others who choose to review these. By no means these are an exhaustive discussion on the topic nor as a legal / medical / business or any other kind of advice.
  • The Tele-Voluntary help to the recipient / primary care provider(s) in various parts of the world is a charitable service provided by dedicated individuals and entities so that the end-user becomes self-sufficient in any area / field / sector they decide to pursue.
  • The relevance / suitability / applicability / effectiveness of any help / advice / support offered may vary from one place to another, from one person to another, from one time to another - based on lot of factors too numerous to list - such as existing local conditions (cultural, traditional, economic, political, societal norms, etc.), laws, regulatory formalities, etc.
  • No finite result or success can be implied, predicted or guaranteed under any circumstance, as these ultimately depend on so many external factors. It is hoped the recipient will become self-sufficient and empowered, using the Tele-Volunteering help as a catalyst to achieve their own goals and dreams.
  • The information shared, even after review of the materials presented is not an exhaustive review of the subject or topic being discussed.
  • This Tele-Volunteering is not intended to establish a provider-client relationship nor does it create a physician-patient relationship with a recipient / reader.
  • This Tele-Volunteering does not replace the physician-patient relationship that exists between the recipient and the respective care provider(s).
  • The information conveyed via any modality, including email, blog post, Tele-Conferencing, etc. is not intended to provide the definitive statement on the subject addressed.
  • This is no substitute for professional advice sought from a suitable professional who has full access to the recipient in order to provide a thorough examination and then render a professional evaluation.
  • Especially in emergencies the advice / information given [however well intended] should not be relied upon before or to the exclusion of an in-person evaluation.
  • The recipient, including the Primary Care giver understands the Tele-Volunteering discussion is based entirely on the limited information provided to the Volunteer. This may not be adequate or complete for one to arrive at a comprehensive plan of action and cannot be a substitute for a detailed direct, personal evaluation, subsequent assessment and recommendation for further course of action.
  • The Tele-Volunteering provided in a number of ways, using various modalities by the various participants represents the views / perceptions of those offering these and not necessarily those of the Foundation nor any of its officers or board of Directors, affiliates, etc.
  • The recipients / end-users and their respective legal guardian understand the significant limitations of this Tele-Volunteering efforts. By making use of these, they signify they have read and understood these terms and conditions and hereby indemnify the Tele-Volunteers and the Foundation from any legal claims or compensation of any kind.
  • There are plenty of ways to benefit from the Membership in the Foundation.
  • Currently we are able to enroll only organizations that are established to help deserving folks.
  • Be registered in the state / country per local regulatory terms as a legitimate non-profit entity.
  • Offer services to less fortunate people that reflect the Foundation's vision and mission.
  • Provide details of the services provided, in active phase as well as projects being planned.
  • The Volunteers and Institutional partners may find some of the projects worth supporting.
  • Understand and provide practical solutions to overcome local adversities and limitations.
  • Offer modern solutions in farming, food preservation, processing, packing and marketing.
  • Explore alternative energy generation, self-sufficiency in solar, wind, bio-mass, etc.
  • Tele-Medicine consultation in one's area of healthcare expertise.
  • Offer dental health, preventive health, cancer prevention, good health programs online.
  • Provide veterinary medical advice where cattle play an essential part of the lives and commerce.
  • Offer Business 101 and related programs to Beneficiary registrants online.
  • Offer Financing 101, Accounting 101 type programs to Beneficiary registrants online.
  • May participate in designing / developing / implementing the projects free or at a low cost.
  • Ensure the helpful and supporting nature of the vision and mission are always emphasized.
  • Encourage IT Equipment donations (Monitors, broadband access, internet communication, etc.)
  • Raise funds to support establishing nodal IT centers, libraries, etc. in beneficiary sites.
  • Contact Rural / Urban agencies for grants supporting education, development, employment, etc.
  • Focused fund raising to help health screenings, vaccination projects, etc.
  • Funds for educational programs, sponsoring education supplies, etc.

Quality Assurance: Foundation takes care within its ability to assure the Beneficiary Members that the Institutional Partners and Individual Volunteers are well qualified to provide the help each offers. The ultimate success of the entire mission depends on such trust and maintaining quality at all times.

Application & Registration: Please submit the online application. The submitted data will be kept confidential and used only within our close-knit group that oversee the Foundation activities and not released to any outside agency. Renewal at certain intervals is required for certain projects (i.e.: medical / healthcare professionals to provide Tele-Medicine consultation, etc.).

All Beneficiary Members shall conform to certain basic ethical, moral and legal standards to ensure these are not wasted efforts. Each one is strongly encouraged to read these terms and conditions and understand them before sending in the application forms /online registration.

The Foundation welcomes and shall accept Beneficiary Members without any discrimination - in terms of age, gender, nationality, race, language, origin, religious or political beliefs, etc. Being a US based entity, the Foundation has to strictly adhere to the US State Department stipulations and cannot accept applications from any individuals, institutions and countries listed under the Prohibited List.

Any false information in the application form will result in summary disqualification, when it is detected.

The Foundation shall seek the help of experts to review the applications and provide their recommendation, based on several factors including the goals, objectives, achievements, prior experience, and ability to promote the vision and mission of the Foundation.

There are no fees for application or registration; no refunds will be provided as well no reimbursements for any expenses incurred in this regard. If the volume of applications in any particular field is well above the expected need, the Foundation reserves the right to acceptance only what it can serve meaningfully. As more register join to volunteer and help, additional Beneficiary Members shall be enrolled.

The Foundation has the discretion and reserves the right to accept or reject any application without any explanation. Each applicant acknowledges that application denial is not a professional review action; does not entitle one to any fair hearing or review rights and the acceptance or denial is not reportable to any local, regional or national organization. When there are too many applicants in a certain field, way beyond the ability to support, the registration may be closed or limited to only those that meet specific needs.

Beneficiary Members shall maintain their non-profit certifications and / or Tax - exempt qualifications in their respective locations and operate in conformity with similar organizations. If these privileges are withdrawn under any circumstance, one shall immediately inform the Foundation and withdraw their names from the particular advisory role.

Any diversion of any of the Foundation's help / support / efforts that divert funds for non-charitable causes, or personal gain or for illegal or harmful purposes other than the stated vision and mission of the Foundation will be cause for immediate and summary dismissal from further membership privileges and future participation in the Foundation.

If facing any criminal charges or legal sanctions, or disqualified by any professional organization, the Beneficiary Member shall voluntarily disclose / inform the Foundation and withdraw their names promptly. When brought to the attention of the Foundation, it has the discretion to suspend the Member until these matters are resolved.

To maintain the integrity of the Foundation, any registered institution engaged in any criminal, unlawful or anti-social acts shall disqualify themselves summarily from further participation.

While there are no strict upper or lower age limits to be a recipient of the help / support / mentoring, etc. the Beneficiary Member shall use utmost caution in monitoring their constituents to ensure these are properly used ensuring the sincerity with which these are provided.

The Foundation is a non-profit and fully charitable entity and does not offer and cannot afford to pay any compensation or fees or reimbursement for any of these activities. The Foundation does NOT offer any type of legal protection and does NOT underwrite any legal or court expenses related to any of these responsibilities. It does not receive on behalf of any Beneficiary Member or undertake disbursing any funds, without clear and transparent agreement with proper accountability from all parties concerned.

The Foundation does not implicitly or explicitly provide any type of assurance or guaranty to any participant (Beneficiary Member, the recipient, individual volunteer or institutional partner) about the outcome of any of these activities. It only facilitates with the desire to help people and nothing more.

All the participants (individual volunteers and those seeking their help in various Beneficiary centers) shall review, understand these terms and conditions and indemnify the Foundation, its office holders, advisors, consultants and Board of Directors from any legal issues under any of these circumstances.

The Foundation has the right to change these terms and conditions as it seems fit from time to time, to ensure the vision and mission are served well.

The act of applying for any type of the memberships in the Foundation described above shall imply the person / entity has read, understood, sought consultation from appropriate advisors and agrees to these terms and conditions.

Brief for web page publication: On approval, kindly provide a brief write-up about the Beneficiary organization for publishing in the Foundation website. This will help interested Beneficiary registrants to contact the appropriate Individual Volunteer / Institutional Patron via email / chat, etc.

Other beneficiary members may find the shared information informative and helpful if they decide to set up similar programs. May find common forum to interact, share with and conduct mutually beneficial programs and projects among the Beneficiary members, to benefit their respective constituents.

Beneficiary Members: Each Beneficiary entity / organization is invited to register FREE as a 'Beneficiary Member' with the Foundation. The Beneficiary Members shall obtain information, share experiences, exchange ideas, conduct trade and commerce among all themselves and also with those outside as they see fit.


  1. We have reviewed the Vision, Mission statements and the 'Terms and Conditions' described in this International 'We Serve' Foundation, Inc. [aka: the Foundation] website. We shall review these terms periodically for any future modifications.
  2. We fully understand that the Foundation is a charitable and non-profit organization and shall conform to strict code of conduct to get approval and maintain its tax-exempt status under US Federal Regulations for 501 (c) 3 chapter as well as any similar international regulatory bodies.
  3. We assure the Foundation Board that we will not misuse this opportunity for any undue personal, monetary gain and agree to submit all related data for review for proper accounting and transparency, as and when needed.
  4. If we solicit any donations for our projects, receive any compensation for out-of-pocket expenses, or obtain any grant, etc. for activities undertaken with the support of the Foundation, we shall declare these to the Foundation Board and ensure full compliance with and will be responsible to remit due taxes and file needed disclosure forms, with concerned authorities.
  5. We shall not engage in any fund raising activities on behalf of the Foundation without the approval of the Officers / Board of the Foundation. All such funds shall be directly remitted to the Foundation and not received in our organization name or account. The use of such funds received by the Foundation shall be at its own discretion and we shall not interfere with these matters.
  6. We shall protect the confidentiality, privacy and security of the data we come across, people we work with and institutions we interact with during the course of this mission.
  7. If we are subject to any civil or federal lawsuits or receive notice of offenses or penalties and we are not able to maintain our certifications / qualifications that enable our participation, we shall inform the Foundation and voluntarily withdraw our name.
  8. Any violation of these principles shall be cause for summary dismissal from further participation in this noble cause. We fully understand and agree that the decision of the Foundation Board shall be final in all such matters.
  9. We willingly participate in this noble Mission and by sending in the online registration form, we signify that we have reviewed and agree to these stipulations and conditions. The registration information and related documents provided are true and accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief. We are aware that any falsification is subject to summary dismissal and disbarment from the Membership program.
  10. We submit online, the enclosed Beneficiary Membership Application Form of our own free will, to participate in the Foundation with the Mission to empower billion of rural and urban disadvantaged citizens of the world. We hereby indemnify the Foundation, the officers and Board of Directors as well the individual volunteers and institutional partners from any liability when the help / support rendered is provided in good faith and trust; that will not have any financial liability of any kind from the activities that are of 'Good Samaritan' nature.



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