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SOLAR RAMESWARAM Mission Update:  Portable SOLAR Lights

SOLAR RAMESWARAM Mission Update: Portable SOLAR Lights

SOLAR RAMESWARAM Mission Update: Portable SOLAR Lights

On June 9th, 2015, the IWSF team visited Dhanushkodi, a remote, desolate part of Rameswaram island. This area was devastated in 1964 by a powerful Tsunami that killed 5,000 people who at that time lived in that area in a matter of ten minutes. There has been no electricity in that part of the island for over 50 years. Not even street lights. Yet, 150+ fishermen and their families live in huts in that part of India. 

About a year back, with the generosity of  many of you, 150 portable solar lights were donated to each of the 150 poor families. A local fisherman we met there (without knowing IWSF had donated the solar lights) spoke about how very useful these solar lights were for all the families. He was thrilled he could also recharge his cell phone using the solar storage battery.  

Someone inadvertently told the fisherman we were part of IWSF. He immediately invited us to his hut to show us how the solar light worked.  By then the sun had set and it was getting a little bit dark. We went inside his hut.  As soon as he switched on the solar light, his 4 year old son automatically (WITHOUT any one prompting him) took out his book and started reading it. We were all awe struck when the proud father told us only four days back this young child had started going to school.  Proved beyond any doubt how this simple device is encouraging poor children develop the eagerness to read, get educated and come up in life. 

1,200 portable solar lights have been donated so far (each costs $ 75 and total value of donation $ 90,000).  Need to donate another 1,800 more as there are 3,000 + poor families in Rameswaram alone.  15 million fishermen families live along the 7,000 km shoreline of India.  

Need to brighten the minds and lives of all their children as well with portable solar lights. 

This inspiring short clip proves how effective a simple solar light can be.