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Dr. Karan Kaul lecture at Nehru Memorial College

Dr. Karan Kaul lecture at Nehru Memorial College

"Besides the students and faculty members from NMC, Dr. Prabaharan had invited educators and students from several neighboring colleges. There were about 200 persons in the room. I presented two short lectures (about 35 minutes each) dealing with cell and molecular biology. Both lectures were followed by a question-answer period during which several students asked me questions. In the afternoon visited the President at his home and I was able to visit several faculty members and talk to them about their research. Next morning (March 3, 2015) I presented another lecture at NMC on DNA finger printing for the students and faculty members."

Dr. Karan Kaul visited Madras Christian College and gave a talk there on March 4, 2015. He visited the Botany Department, interacted with several faculty members and later presented a 45 minute talk on ‚??Organization of genetic material in the nucleus and DNA replication‚?? for about 100 students and faculty members of MCC.

Here is Dr. Karan‚??s feedback on these two educational visits:

"Both Kirti and I enjoyed our visits to both institutions. Our hosts took very good care of us and did everything possible to make our visit comfortable and enjoyable. I had a great time talking to faculty and students. I would like to thank you and the We Serve organization for making this possible. Please do not hesitate to ask me for any more details if you so desire. Warm regards and best wishes. Karan"