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Hardin County Homemakers - used-books donation

Hardin County Homemakers - used-books donation

The Foundation is grateful to the HARDIN COUNTY HOMEMAKERS for their generous donation of wonderful used-books for the '120,000 Free Public Libraries' Project.

Amazing the dedicated volunteers brought two truck loads of books - well over 1,000 all the way from Elizabethtown, KY to the warehouse at 1440 Delaware Ave. in Lexington, KY.

They toured the International Book Project (IBP) warehouse and met with Kristen, Todd, the rest of the staff and volunteers at the IBP.

They got to discuss the used-book donation program to over 120 countries and about the 'Building Bridges' Project. Shared with us the good work they do to help the less fortunate.

The 'We Serve' Foundation thanks all the donors and the members of the Hardin County Home-Makers for undertaking many charitable endeavors to benefit the poor.