Legal Privacy Policy

Member - Volunteer Registration: Thank you for visiting and using 'We Serve' Foundation, Inc. [aka: the Foundation ] website. One-time registering enables a visitor to recall the data without having to enter it new every time. Registration allows one to participate in Customer Forums, discussions, etc. Your feedback enables the Foundation to improve its services and welcomes your advice, suggestions, comments and constructive criticism.

Security, Encryption and Privacy: This site is set up, designed, developed and maintained by the founding sponsors 'Enriched Cloud Computing, LLC', 'Resources International, Inc.' and 'i-Grandee Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.' Wherever needed, it uses the industry standard top level security and encryption, to ensure the visitors and site users have the best security at all times.

Security Update: The Foundation shall keep in step with advancing technology in this field to ensure the peace of mind of our members, participants and visitors. The dedicated servers are protected with tight physical security with very strict access control and constant monitoring to meet the industry protocols, around the clock.

Volunteer - Beneficiary Interactions: The Foundation shall link willing volunteers and institutional partners who who agree to help and the beneficiaries who seek their help. In all interactions, both the parties must exercise caution when exchanging any personal data and should always protect the privacy and confidentiality at all times. Unless approved by the Foundation in advance, no volunteer shall misuse this contact for any personal or monetary gain. The Foundation does not have any way to track such activities and cannot provide any protection or take responsibility for any such violation. Any violation will result in summary dismissal of the volunteer from further participation as well as potential legal actions to the extent of the law.

No distribution of Data: The Foundation and its sponsors DO NOT share or sell any info received from and about our members and visitors to any outside party, respecting your privacy and trust in us. Important to respect the privacy and confidentiality of the volunteers and institutions that participate and should not share these with anyone else without the consent of the concerned parties.