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"Ignited Mind is the most powerful RESOURCE
on the Earth, under the Earth and above the Earth"
- His Excellency, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

The International 'We Serve' Foundation, Inc. (IWSF), IRC-501-C-3 approved Non-profit Public Charity, based in Lexington, KY, USA was started in Apr. 2011, with the blessings and guidance of beloved Excellency, Dr. Abdul Kalam. 'IGNITING MINDS' is one of its Missions, promoting TOTAL Literacy, Education, Skills, Research, Healthcare and Knowledge Connectivity

IWSF brings FREE of cost, quality educational programs online, including accredited CME (Continuing Medical Education) from reputed institutes in the US. Please register and log in to benefit from these, at your convenience. Kindly follow the Course-ProviderÔ?? s instructions to obtain a CME Credit or Certificate; some free and others for a nominal fee. IWSF does not collect any fees and does NOT issue any Certificates; these are handled directly by the Course-Providers themselves.

Continuing Medical Education programs provided by the University of Kentucky (CECentral)

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IWSF appreciates any donation to help cover part of the expenses to prepare these valuable online educational programs and several charitable projects lisetd below. IWSF does NOT use the donations for its operational or administrative expenses. 100 % of the donations are used ONLY for charitable Missions and Projects promoting education, literacy, health, meaningful research, etc.

Your DONATION will help promote the charitable missions and projects globally (including the following):

  • 'TOTAL LITERACY' Mission of RILM, 37 RID & 3,500+ Rotary Clubs
  • Smart Classrooms using LED Projector, in Public Schools & Colleges
  • 120,000 Free Public Libraries in Public Schools & Colleges
  • Visiting Scholars Seminars - interacting with Students, Teachers & Institutions.
  • Solar Power for poor students, public schools, huts, villages, poor neighborhoods, etc.
  • 'AK-EDU-SAT-0001' CubeSat (design, develp & deploy) by high School & College Students
  • Research: Hepatitis B & C; Non-Communicable Diseases; Palliatiev Care & Primary Education