Focus Economic Prosperity

Current situation: Most rural economies are directly linked to their core activities taking place in a small scale in every family in a village. Majority of the 3 billion in rural communities depend on seasonal agriculture as the main sustaining economic activity. This is very much dependent on timely and adequate rainfall, finances, cultivation, harvesting, labor, food processing, storage, transportation, etc. A lack or delay in one or more derail the entire effort and investment - leading to serious consequences to the farmers, their families, the villages and eventually the regional and national fortunes.

Changing weather patterns: The changing weather phenomenon in several parts of the world - including excessive rain and flooding, etc. have only added further external risks. All of these add to the ongoing economic problems that rural populations face and wilt under.

Practical Solution: There are several ways to overcome most of these centuries-old and perennial problems, bringing much needed relief to several communities. With the combined effort of experts from a number of fields, the Foundation hopes to offer practical and workable solutions that will reduce or eliminate the recurrent problems that hurt these economies.

Physical Connectivity- enhances better and faster transport of people, produce, cattle, commodities, etc. This enhances intra-PURA and outside reach and marketing in a timely manner.

Electronic Connectivity- allows access to education and skill development in any area the end-user wants to learn about. Improving agri-yield, preventing soil erosion, preservation of bio-diversity, appropriate water management, developing alternative energy sources such as bio-gas, bio-mass, etc. and also obtain latest market updates, produce prices and overall better ROI for the farmer.

Knowledge Connectivity- is made possible with the use of modern satellite links and broadband to learn about any aspect of life, skill development, vocational training, health, business, entrepreneurship, etc. from educational institutions of the world, reputable teachers, willing educators and digital libraries.

Economic Connectivity- the rural citizens, empowered by the three connectivities listed above, are now able to find gainful employment and develop industries relevant to the core competence. Set up independent businesses or join hands to form cooperatives that bring in much needed employment and economic prosperity.

Purpose: Employment generation, increased purchasing power, alleviate poverty

Enablers of economic connectivity:

  • Empower rural entrepreneurial activities by mentoring
  • Offer Agri / Core competence improvement programs
  • Transfer Food processing / packing technology in rural areas
  • Utilize Govt initiatives, Industry / sector promotions
  • Value addition in business, training, trade, marketing, service, etc.

Economic Connectivity by means of:

  • Rural employment generation in several sectors to meet local needs
  • Water purification, conservation, utilization and management programs
  • Micro-financing and other initiatives to help start ups
  • Develop subsidiary industries in packing, storage, transport, etc.
  • Establish Agro-food growing / processing units in rural areas
  • Ensure market access for farmers, artists, craftsmen, etc.
  • Implement Energy alternatives ie: biofuels, solar, wind, etc.
  • Rural cooperatives that combine the strengths of many
  • Quality assurance and validation centers meeting global standards
  • Rural BPO / Call centers for national / international clientele
  • Eco-friendly, green earth, nature enhancing programs

Integrating stake-holders: The Foundation shall facilitate this economic prosperity by bringing volunteers [individuals and institutions - educational, healthcare, financial, industrial, business, etc.] and the Beneficiary Members together by means of setting up nodal centers that provide virtual Tele-Education, Tele-Medicine, Tele-Communication, etc. in collaboration with a number of willing and capable entities.