About Vision


Promote global prosperity using modern technology, and empower billions of citizens of the world.


Collaborate with individuals and organizations to bring measurable progress in education, healthcare, communication, governance, skill improvement, entrepreneurism and employment for better quality of life in each country and its constituents.


Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful Societies


  • Bridge the rural - urban divide in every part of the world
  • Expand sustainable employment and economic opportunities for all populations
  • Provide a balanced socio-economic development to billions of deserving people
  • Enable communication, collaboration and cooperation among various stake-holders


Wholesome Effort

along with


Efficient Technology

leading to


Shared Knowledge

along with


Enhanced Skills

along with


Robust Health

along with


Vibrant Economy

leading to


Empowered Citizens

happy, prosperous and peaceful.

Role of the Foundation

  • Be a referral center providing guidance in the Foundation design, formation, etc.
  • Bring together volunteers and the Foundation centers for mutual collaboration
  • Enable inter-Foundationtrade, commerce, cultural exchange, etc.
  • Analyze rural development programs, grants, incentives, charitable foundations, etc.
  • Help with setting up necessary hardware, software and electronic connectivity
  • Encourage entrepreneurism and small business incubation
  • Facilitate micro-lending and small business financing programs
  • Help with setting up Tele-Education, distance learning, online certification, etc.
  • Facilitate Tele-medical consultations for rural health centers and mobile clinics
  • Promote health, nutrition, sanitation, water management
  • Encourage green building concepts and alternate renewable energy
  • Teach Organic / eco-friendly agri practices, aqua-culture, flori-culture, etc.
  • Establish market opportunities for the Foundation in all these endeavors
  • Develop the Foundation network for internal commerce and external market reach
  • Plan educational sessions, informative seminars, trade conferences, etc.
  • Be a source for business design, planning, market research, strategy, etc.
  • Provide training and certification for employment generation in various fields.