About Empowering Billions

Empowering Billions !!!

Is this a lofty dream ? Can this be achieved ? Do we have the resources ? Are we ready to set aside our differences to work towards a common goal for a prosperous, peaceful and happy humanity ?

Yes, Yes, Yes and a resounding YES.

Is this a lofty Dream ?

Of course it is, by the most effective Dreamer, His Excellency the honorable Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, who has shown time and again how incredible dreams transform into energetic thoughts and then turn into cohesive actions, when human endeavors are channeled in the right direction.

[Excerpts from 'Empowering the 3 Billion' book preamble - authored by His Excellency, the honorable Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India and co-author Mr. Srijan Pal Singh].

The fundamental ingredient towards the evolution of happy, peaceful and prosperous nations emanates from the foundations of sustainable development. As the entire global society, particularly the developing and emerging nations stand at their defining moment in history, the needs of our times are

  • prosperity with inclusion
  • development with equity and
  • industrialization with environmental concern.

Large scale divides between the rural and urban areas of the world, which is manifested in income levels and quality amenities, is not only a loss of opportunity but also a concern to the sustenance of prosperity and peace.

Overcoming the prejudices of prosperity and fundamental human living standards are not only a significant national challenge but also an international responsibility. Today, more than 3 billion people are living in villages across the world, in underdeveloped, developing and parts of the developed nations of the world, and often in conditions of underutilization of talent and resources and depravity. We address the opportunities which complement this half of human population. The significance of this 3 billion of humanity is important from the point of view of global policy making, national governance and corporate sector as they, in an increasingly democratic world would not only hold the key to global governments but also present an immense and growing market and sourcing center for the industries around the world. "

Can this be achieved ?

The essence of the Foundation is to enhance the innate abilities and core competence of each citizen. This shall lead to sustained progress in every aspect of rural life when the rural citizens use modern, proven, scientific methods to evaluate, design and solve their needs to achieve knowledge independence, economic prosperity, self-sufficiency and enhanced quality of life.

Do we have the resources?

Of course. In todays' world, several philanthropic minded and charitable individuals and organizations as well as socially conscious businesses and corporates undertake commendable efforts in a number of ways to help the poor and less fortunate in various parts of the world. All such focused activities and relief efforts are essential and much needed, not only in times of disasters (natural or man-made), but also at all other times as well for long term, sustained progress in defeating poverty, especially rural.

Is the technology ready ?

Using modern tools such as satellite communication, broadband-connectivity, a host of output devices, one can bring Tele-Education, Tele-Medicine and Tele-Commuting, linking any part of the world with any other. This shall be combined with all other efforts being used to promote rural development, education, healthcare, employment, entrepreneurship and overall alleviation of poverty.

How do we participate ?

Each of us can participate in this process by being educators, mentors, guides and cheer leaders with whatever experience, expertise and knowledge we are ready to share with those who seek it. All it takes is an hour or two a month / week / day for those of us willing to help in this mission.

Has this formula worked ?

The tangible success of the existing PURA centers in India and hundreds of charitable national and international foundations exemplify that when dedicated individuals and determined organizations join hands with the motivated beneficiaries, the implementation of appropriate land use, enhanced agriculture output, meaningful water management, alternative energy sourcing, improved sanitation for disease prevention &access to modern healthcare for disease eradication , etc. are quite effective and well received. The resulting societal transformation from one individual, one family, one village or town and then the entire countryare impressive and miraculous indeed.

What should this lead to ?

Better quality of rural life with modern urban amenities such as:

  • Comfortable housing facilities,
  • Convenient transport systems,
  • Accessible energy resources,
  • Potable and adequate water,
  • Essential Sanitation measures,
  • Affordable modern Healthcare,
  • World-class quality Education,
  • Market access via Internet
  • Better employment opportunities and
  • Overall economic well being
  • Bridge rural - urban divide
  • Stem rural - urban migration
  • Expand consumer base
  • Provide sustained rural socio-economic development via FOUR connectivities:
    • Physical
    • Electronic
    • Knowledge leading to
    • Economic prosperity