About Disclosure Policy

Transparency: The International 'We Serve' Foundation (the Foundation) firmly believes and adheres to transparency and disclosure in all its missions, projects, activities and interactions. Empowering billions of poor all over the world requires the strong support and unwavering collaboration of thousands of generous minded individuals and societally conscious institutions in every corner of the world. The Foundation resolves to be transparent and shall abide by these Disclosure Policies at all times.

Disclosure: Full disclosure of all pertinent data in all our dealings and openness in all that we do are critical to prevent any misuse of the trust bestowed on us. All participants are strongly encouraged and advised to review the 'Conflict of Interest' Policies and strictly adhere to the reporting to ensure there is no personal monetary gain.

Reporting abuse: The Foundation shall use the grants and donations to benefit the needy and less fortunate, so that the maximum funds directly go towards the intended cause. The Foundation very much appreciates and encourages anyone to bring to the attention of the administrative team at the earliest any potential misuse or abuse of the funds, facilities or services. Under the provisions of the ‚??whistle blower‚?? protection law, those who bring such matters to our attention shall enjoy the full legal protection they are entitled to, without any negative consequences.

Privacy protection: Those who register as volunteers, institutional members, beneficiaries, vendors, suppliers, etc. are required to provide certain private and confidential data and contact information. The Foundation is obligated to protect all such information and shall not share it with any outside party, unless it is mandated by a court order. Certain documents or parts of documents containing privacy and confidential data cannot be made public.

Eco-friendly: Anyone is welcome to review the records provided under the disclosure provisions in our website. If there is any concern, please bring it to our attention at the earliest. In order to be eco-friendly, avoid wasting paper, save on mailing expense, and to reduce the carbon-foot-print, the Foundation provides these records in its website.

Digital response: Please go to the 'Contact Us' page and use the provided form to request any needed documents, along with your info to send the response. The Foundation prefers sending digital documents online in a secure manner rather than spending valuable donations on printing, mailing, and related administrative expenses.

Hard copy: If anyone requires printed hard copies mailed, a nominal expense to cover the copying and mailing costs are payable in advance. Proper mailing address along with contact info (email and valid phone #) are required to provide any hardcopy.

Grateful: The Administrative team and the Board of Directors of the Foundation thank you for your understanding and full cooperation in these important matters.

The following Documents are available for public review as of Dec. 15. 2012

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